SES takes safety seriously. We are committed to safety because it protects our employees, subcontractors, customers and the community. It also keeps insurance costs down, which just makes good business sense.

We invest in the well-being of our employees by providing the necessary and appropriate tools, equipment, personal protection gear and training to help avoid accidents and incidents. We also plan reasonable timelines and workloads to allow crews to complete projects safely while meeting deadlines.

Our employees actively participate in safety efforts. Safety teams conduct audit of work areas to identify and correct potential workplace hazards, and then share their findings at monthly safety meetings.  The company’s overall safety performance metrics also are shared with employees to reinforce the importance of complying with health and safety codes and standards.

SES has a zero tolerance policy for drug or alcohol use by employees, which poses an unacceptable safety risk to the employee and others. We require new hires to pass a drug screening as a condition of employment, and conduct regular random drug screenings of all employees. We also require mandatory drug screenings for employees involved in at-fault accidents.

We never compromise safety or take shortcuts. This is evident by our low OSHA Recordable Incident Rate and Experience Modification Rates. A recent OSHA facility audit – initiated by SES to help us further improve safety – resulted in no major findings.

We’re successful in our commitment to safety if every employee remains safe and incident-free at the end of the day.